Our Ministries

With all our hearts, we believe the gospel can change people.  We know this because we have witnessed it first-hand in our lives.  And you know what, the story of Christ can make a difference in your life also!  Read below about some of the gospel focused ministries our church offers.



Home Groups are our primary means of fostering true, biblical community.

These small groups of people provide the members of Cornerstone with a regular, organized platform to care for each other through times of sharing meals together, praying together, studying the Bible together, worshiping together, and living on mission together in our city. We emphasize Home Groups because we understand that when Christ radically changed our identity, He also brought us into a new community with others who have experienced His rescue. It is our prayer that through our Home Groups the members of Cornerstone would grow into the kind of community that Christ desires.


Cornerstone kids


How Cornerstone plans to help parents of young children...

In Genesis 1:28 we read that God blessed humankind and called them to be fruitful and multiply. This "multiplication" through children is a blessing! We see throughout the Bible that God cares for children. At Cornerstone, we love the opportunity to minister to the children whom God has blessed our members with by helping them understand the God of the Bible through His Word. We also desire to come alongside parents as they teach their children about the character of God from the Word of God. We believe that parents should be the main source of discipleship in the lives of their children, and as the church we want to help in that effort so that our children understand clearly how to read God's Word and know what He has revealed about Himself through that Word. Cornerstone Kids offers classes for children ( birth through pre-K). Parents are always welcome to keep their children with them during the worship service.


sunday worship


What does a Sunday worship service look like at Cornerstone?


  • Scripture is read...so that we might know and confess the things we believe.

  • Scripture is taught...so that we might respond more clearly and more passionately to the knowledge of God as revealed in His Word.

  • Exhortation is made...so that we might be encouraged to conform to what we confess, to persevere in holy living, and to abandon dependence upon ourselves.

  • Fellowship is enjoyed...so that we might actively pursue unity within the body.

  • Prayers are prayed...so that we might attune our hearts to the will of God and request that He do it.

  • Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs are shared...so that we might express our adoration of and dependence upon our God.

  • Ordinances are observed...so that we might remind ourselves of the grace that we find in the Gospel of Christ and of the unity we have in the body of Christ.

  • Gifts are given...so that the ministry of the Gospel will go unhindered.