core values

Our values are what sets us apart; they're the DNA of our members and our church as whole.  In ministry, in worship, and in outreach, these 3 elements will echo throughout Cornerstone Bible Church.  



The Bible is divine revelation. Therefore, we believe that understanding the Bible will help us understand God Himself. This drives us to preach and teach verse by verse so that we grow in our understanding of both the details and the whole of the Bible. Then our appreciation of and love for God will increase to His glory and our good.



The Christian is God's elect child. This privileged position must be understood and constantly reaffirmed. Belonging to the family of God is the basis of our worldview which impacts how we think, speak and act. God’s children are unique members of society.




The mission is comprehensive. As we strive toward individual, Holy Spirit led transformation, we will shine as gospel lights in our homes, occupations, and communities. Wherever our God takes us, we will encounter the joyous rewards of living as full-time ambassadors for our King.